GMP=good money performance

John Winder winderj1999 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Sep 14 18:08:10 EST 1999

Hi there,
The following example just want you to know disgusted the so called GMP
company Intelligene Expression is. The bosses said GMP is good money
performance. They said with GMP, they made much more money than Biomira
and Alberta Research Council, even the employee are fewer than them. 
Here, we wanted you to know how they made money with the name of GMP.
(1) They fabricated data, even raw data, changed the records of BPRs.
So that they could meet their SOPs.  It took them TWO months to conceal
and destroy the relevent data and documents for a client inspection.
(2) They never trained employees. They said no companys will pay money
to train their employees.BIG LIERs!
(3)They bought used equipments and reagents and used them in GMP

the above just few examples to show you how the GMP work in this
company.  we hope our bio-community to be aware not to being cheated
such a company. we also hopes relevent companys don't produce their
products in such a company, so that there is no harmful products in
markets to harm our human beings.

FDA recently will take an action to investigate the wrong-doings of the

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