CareerXpress...does it work??

Arthur Sowers arthures at
Tue Sep 21 18:18:51 EST 1999

Dave Jensen, the warm-body snatcher (a recruiter), is now a posting
snatcher, as if a number of people here did not respond to the original
post. And, as if the Bio Online Career Discussion Forum is superior to
this newsgroup (I doubt it). I'd really like it if Dave would put a
non-anonymous post on his private NG that says people can get a taste of
real life, AND additional sources of information regarding jobs and
careers by coming over to THIS, a real newsgroup, for some equaly
legitamate information, and large souces of information from MY website.

Art Sowers

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On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Dave Jensen wrote:

> Angie,
> I took the liberty of reposting your message anonymously in the Bio Online
> Career Discussion Forum, where it will be generating some legitimate
> responses from readers who are truly interested in helping you.
> Dave Jensen, Moderator
> ----------
> In article <7s495a$hur$1 at>, "Marc Andelman"
> <drgonfly at> wrote:
> >
> > Angie wrote in message <37D5A8CE.AA0F3422 at>...
> >>Hello all,
> >>I've come out of lurk mode to ask if anyone out there has submitted
> >>his/her resume via CareerXpress? If so, is it worth the $99-199 they ask
> >>for the service. My husband is a Ph.D. chemist, specifically an
> >>NMR-spectroscopist currently doing a Post-doc but searching for a job in
> >>industry...or a small college. A friend passed on this website info and
> >>we are just wondering how effective it is. They say it is sent to
> >>companies and recruiters. As many of you know and have expressed on this
> >>website, the job market for Ph.D's in science is pitiful to say the
> >>least. We're almost ready to try anything to improve his chances.....or
> >>open a small coffee shop near Yosemite! What do you say folks??? Give
> >>this a try or leave science???
> >>
> >>Back to lurking now.
> >>Thanks in advance!
> >>angie
> >>
> >
> > Open a coffee shop. This is a very clean business. Mostly profit, very
> > little
> > overhead.  If your husband is so unfortunate as to get a job, someone else
> > will reap the profits,not him.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Marc Andelman
> >
> > 

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