Fwd: Giuliani gases Jews on Yom Kippur (fwd)

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Sat Sep 25 03:24:23 EST 1999

   serious ignorance?
      massive stupidity?

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Subj:    Giuliani gases Jews on Yom Kippur
Date:   09/17/1999 7:23:19 PM Pacific Daylight
From:   71410.2711 at compuserve.com (Edward J.
Sender: 71410.2711 at compuserve.com (Edward J.
To: ARTISTpres at aol.com (Robert Lederman)


Forgive me if I've misspelled your name, but I got
your address from a Deja.com search and wanted to
get this urgent message to you quickly so you could
post it elsewhere if you wanted to.

Just downloaded the latest spraying schedule, and
Giuliani has scheduled air spraying over the Bronx
and Brooklyn when most Orthodox Jews will be
going back and forth to synagogue for the most holy
holiday night of the year, Yom Kippur, for Kol
Nidre night service.

My father is an Orthodox Jew in the Bronx, and I
can't convince him to stay home. That means he will
be outside during the spraying. As you know, there
are large populations of Orthodox in Brooklyn also.
They will not stay home. They will be gassed.

Something must be done to stop this. So perhaps
you might include it in your next postings.

Thank you for all the information you have posted
so far. I've used it to contact my city councilwoman
and the Bronx Borough president. I've also passed
along the information from Gary Null's WBAI
show, from Dr Doris Rapp and Dr. Samuel Epstein.

I've heard you on Bob Fass' BAI show, and I
applaud you for your courage and  persistency.
Your work is making a difference.

I spoke to a doctor at the NYC SLE hotline who at
first tried to reassure me that the Malathion was in
very low dose. So I asked, if it is in low dose, how
did they get a 90% kill-off, as the mayor claims?
Gives one pause. It got him to think.

The media censorship blackout about discussing
these issues is disgusting.

Thanks again.

- Ed Stone


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