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Sat Sep 25 17:18:22 EST 1999

Would you like to be guaranteed that you'll be approved for a Merchant Credit Card Account --- plus receive a free trip for two, to any one of over a hundred U.S. and international resort destinations ?

We'll give you all that and more!

Jay Conrad Levinson wrote in "Guerrilla Marketing", "As a guerrilla, you take credit cards - all of them."  In today's business environment your customers expect you to offer every payment option...or they will take their business elsewhere!

Accepting credit cards can pay for itself by increasing sales by up to 1500% over the Internet, increasing impulse buying, bringing customers in the door that use cards, and helping you sell expensive items.  

We can provide you the latest in secure payment technologies, at rates you simply won't find anywhere else! 

But not all merchant accounts are created equal! MOST OF THEM ARE VERY EXPENSIVE! Their service is shabby.  Let us show you how we can help you become more successful by using our superior services. We represent the largest and most reputable credit card processors on the Internet! We can help you do business on the net better than anyone else.

We give you:

·  Lowest Discount Rates on the Internet - JUST 2.15%!
·  No exorbitant fees. Why pay more if you don't have to!
·  First Class Personalized Customer Service and support
·  No setup or application fees
·  Fast guaranteed approval of "any" type of business
·  An opportunity to be a Referral Agent and make thousands of $$$!

Sign up now and we'll give you  --- ABSOLUTELY FREE --- two round trip tickets to any of over 100 destination resorts! This is not a timeshare. It's the real thing.  No Strings. We want to show you we mean business if you do.

To accept our gifts or get information on the best Merchant Account Program on the net, simply follow this link:

<a href="http://3519772935:89/index.html">Click Here!</a>

We have the solutions to your e-commerce needs!

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