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Mosquito As Metaphor: Giuliani Gasses NY

There’s nothing uncharacteristic about Mayor Giuliani’s decision
to turn NYC into a poison gas ghetto. Dousing eight million
men, women and children with poison gas in order to eradicate
encephalitis mosquitoes that so far are unproven to even exist
shows the low regard our Mayor has for human life. Six years of
previous Giuliani initiatives have been characterized by his
enthusiasm for resorting to the most drastic measures available
by law, and many that clearly violate the law, in order to
eliminate what he considers pests.

For Giuliani an emergency situation occurs when a wealthy
contributor whispers a complaint about something during a
fundraiser or his staff comes up with the possibility of a
lightening quick response to an issue that will give him the
chance to appear decisive on TV. His thirteen million dollar gas
proof bunker in the World Trade Center was built to function as
a stage from which to broadcast weekly episodes of Action Rudy,
Superhero Savior of New York!

Superheros need easily recognizable villains to fight, preferably
ones who are hated or feared by the community. Mosquitoes are
an even better enemy for Giuliani than the homeless or street
artists. Mosquitoes have no friends in high places.

Ultimately however, we are all mosquitoes to Rudy Giuliani.
When the Mayor’s Manhattan Institute inspired eradication
campaigns were previously focused on squeegee guys, street
artists, homeless people and vendors, all of whom were also
described as plagues destroying New York’s quality of life, few
people saw any need for alarm. 

As the Mayor gradually trained his sights on CUNY students,
community gardeners and welfare recipients more people became
concerned but allowed themselves to be lulled into complacency
by the Republican logic of cutting spending and putting people
to work. By the time the Mayor was privatizing public hospitals,
schools and parks, giving the wealthiest corporations in the City
massive tax write offs and denying any groups he disliked the
right to freedom of speech and assembly we’d all become so used
to the arbitrary elimination of rights that, for most New Yorkers,
resistance seemed futile.

Like the proverbial frogs placed in a pot of cold water that is
gradually brought to a boil we’ve found ourselves unable to jump
out of the Mayor’s police state before it was too late.

Just think of the perceptual alterations Giuliani has brought to
once liberal New York. The public and the supposedly liberal
media have come to accept that police shootings of unarmed and
in many cases, completely innocent people, are justified. Daily
aerial gassings of the entire City are now routine. We no longer
seriously question the hundreds of thousands of illegal searches
in minority communities and additional hundreds of thousands
of so-called quality of life arrests for non criminal activity that
are never brought to trial. The seizing and selling at auction of
personal property without the need for a trial or conviction of
any crime has become commonplace. 

Despite a billion dollar surplus and the existence of numerous
genuine public health crises in New York no one is seriously
questioning the dismantling of what was once the nation’s best
system of public hospitals. Cuts in funding for the most essential
public resources including libraries, ambulances, building
inspections, public health and even mosquito abatement go
totally unchallenged. Like a prison warden gradually cutting
rations and privileges in order to psychologically intimidate, the
Mayor rules over us the convicts under his charge with an iron

In response to those who dare to take a public stand against this
bully Rudy’s retribution is swift and certain. For an elected
official like City Council Member Steven DiBrienza the Mayor
can place homeless shelters in your district if you get out of line.
Federal judges that rule against him find their names in the next
day’s newspaper alongside words like crazy, stupid and insane.
Reporters that dare to ask him an embarrassing question or write
a story that puts the Mayor in a bad light often find their jobs are
in jeopardy. For City-funded agencies such as Housing Works or
Legal Aid, massive funding cuts can be implemented to teach
them to mind their manners. And for outspoken critics like
myself and Christopher Brodeur who can’t be fired or have their
benefits cut, false arrests and malicious prosecutions follow like
the days of the week. 

Now that the Malathion Madman has intimidated the media, his
political opposition and the general public into passively
accepting being covered with organophosphate nerve gasses on a
daily basis, new frontiers are opening for Giuliani’s quality of
life police state. Forced inoculations can be given along with the
required DNA sampling Rudy has recommended for every child
born in NYC and for every person arrested. Daily applications of
drugs and chemicals by low flying helicopters, small planes and
trucks may eventually take the place of the police in terms of
social control. Perhaps the City’s increasingly prevalent road
checks can include fogging your car with a little Malathion gas,
just to be sure there are no mosquitoes lurking within. 

Giuliani is without doubt the nation’s biggest corporate stooge
and criminal. To offset the realities behind his agenda the Mayor
tries his best to seem human, posing with minority children and
ballplayers, doing second rate Godfather imitations and dressing
as Marilyn Monroe at every available opportunity. The mask
however, is slipping.

Rather than a superhero Giuliani is looking more like a
supervillian everyday. Only an insane comic book supervillian
would spray poison on an entire city. And what a setting for a
madman’s experiments it is. New York is home to the ideal
population on which to conduct biological warfare experiments,
abundantly representing every race and nationality on earth.
Among the scientifically understood effects of pesticides on
humans is that variations in age, sex, immune health, ethic origin
and race result in variations in toxicity. The government can fine
tune the use of chemical agents so that they know exactly which
ones will target Blacks, Asians or Latinos for example while
leaving Caucasians more or less unaffected.

AIDs is a huge problem for the government resulting in billions
of dollars in health care costs for NYC alone. Since Malathion is
scientifically known to negatively affect those with immune
disorders, this mass spraying may well result in a killing off of
thousands of AIDs sufferers and a savings to the City of billions.

Like it’s effects on AIDs patients, Malathion is known to be
particularly harmful to asthmatics. According to  the Daily News,
the City has more than 120,000 school age children alone who
suffer from asthma. Their treatments cost the City millions in
medical care each year.  Imagine the charts Giuliani could show
at a future City Hall press conference documenting the savings to 
the City budget that ridding us of all those kids would
accomplish? Children, can you use the terms ethnic cleansing
and euthanasia in the same sentence?

The corporate bottom line that may explain this phony mosquito
epidemic is that acclimating the public to routine aerial spraying
is going to mean huge profits for manufacturers, distributors and
applicators of pesticides who are among the nation’s largest and
most profitable corporations. The U.S. government currently
spends billions spraying Latin American countries with toxic
chemicals in a so far failed attempt to eradicate coca and
marijuana production. The manufacturers of these chemicals
include Dow and Monsanto, among the largest advertisers on
television and also among the biggest contributors to elected
officials. Could that be why the media and our representatives in
government keep insisting they’ve checked out these chemicals
and are convinced that they are safe? 

Let’s not forget that many of the same German chemical
companies like IG Farben who patented these organophosphate
nerve gasses in the first place were transformed after WWII into
the world’s largest drug manufacturers. Is this a perfectly
orchestrated synergistic business plan that is going to make it
possible to inoculate hundreds of millions of people with genetic
diseases, cancer, immune deficiencies and God only knows what
other horrors for which the same companies will miraculously
invent patented treatments and earn incredible profits?

Before loading millions on freight trains and gassing them in
concentration camps, Hitler began his killing with a nationwide
program of euthanasia for the diseased, the aged and the mentally
ill. His ideas on these matters were originated in the U.S. and
England. Are we looking at a resurrection of that same hygienic
ideology? The thousand year Reich Hitler dreamed of is still
alive and well and Adolf Giuliani is its Dr. Mengele for the New

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
ARTISTpres at  (718) 369-2111 

Subj:    The most important message to get out about malathion
Date:   09/21/1999 10:33:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From:   Mustang8 at (Connie Eash)
To:         ARTISTpres at

I have read your articles about the spraying, and I just would like
to add one very important point that you must get out to the
residents and doctors in NYC.  I see some of the messages are to
document the health effects of the pesticide spraying.  All the
documentation of illness will be worthless, if the doctors are not
doing the cholinesterase tests and that means plasma and RBC
cholinesterase.  This is the only way of diagnosing
organophosphate poisoning that is recognized by the EPA and
industry.  Doctors do not know to do it.  YOU have to tell them.
I know hundreds of organophosphate poisoning victims and most
of their cases are worthless due to lack of daignosis with the
cholinesterase tests. My son was diagnosed properly and so there
is no way the industry can say he was not poisoned.  

Thanks for your messages, hope you will include this in your
communications in the future.
Connie Eash
Mustang8 at

Articles about the Plum Island Bio-Warfare/Animal Disease Lab

NY Times 9/22/99
U.S. Would Use Long Island Lab to Study Food Terrorism 

Daily News 9/21/99
L.I.'s Nearby Plum Island Eyed for Deadly Testing 

The following are all NY Newsday articles:

Lab Focus Was On 4 Animal Diseases
When the military officially closed Ft. Terry in 1954, Army
officers turned over to Plum Island scientists 134 strains of 13
viruses collected from four continents, most obtained for
development as biological warfare weapons, Army Chemical
Corps rec... Author: John McDonald; Size: 8K; 11-21-1993;
Page Number: 60; Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Plum Island Safety Check 
Feds order audit, citing neglect at animal disease lab 
By John McDonald. STAFF WRITER Neglect of systems
designed to keep highly contagious foreign livestock viruses
from escaping and other safety problems discovered... Author:
John McDonald; Size: 5K; 04-07-1994; Page Number: A07;
Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Spores Over Easy 
Plum Island team attacks killer viruses with frying pans By John
McDonald. STAFF WRITER In preparation for opening the
windows in a wing of a Plum Island laboratory for the first time
in four decades, Agriculture Department officials ye... Author:
John McDonald; Size: 4K; 05-22-1993; Page Number: 07;
Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Security on Plum Island Must Be Taken Seriously
The French no longer transport social menaces to Devil's Island
in the Atlantic off the coast of South America, but the strategy of
island isolation is far from obsolete. Plum Island in the Atlantic
just off the tine of Long Island's North Fork is h... Author: Amos
Perlmutter; Size: 2K; 01-04-1993; 

Vacco Suit: Plum Isle Polluting
The top-secret animal disease center on Plum Island is illegally
discharging too much waste into Long Island Sound and
potentially harming aquatic life, state Attorney General Dennis
Vacco charges in a lawsuit against the federal government.
Filed... Author: Jerry MarkonSamson Mulugeta contributed to
this story; Size: 4K; 05-03-1998; Page Number: A36; Section:

Plum Island Cited By EPA 
Research center to study cleanup 
By John McDonald. STAFF WRITER The Plum Island Animal
Disease Center has been cited for violating federal environmental
laws, and lab officials have agreed to spend up to $150,000 for a
two-y... Author: John McDonald; Size: 4K; 03-12-1993; Page
Number: 22; Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Plum Island Lab Cleanup Missed Pipes
Elaborate decontamination efforts undertaken to prepare a
laboratory wing at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center for
construction work failed to stop potentially contaminated debris
from being trucked to a staging site for shipment off the island,...
Author: John McDonald; Size: 3K; 08-04-1993; Page Number:
22; Section: Newspapers & Newswire

Plum Island Bird Kill Probed
The discovery of the remains of at least 10 dead birds in a
courtyard of Plum Island's research laboratory for exotic animal
diseases is being investigated by Agriculture Department
scientists. Workers renovating a wing of the laboratory that last
... Author: John McDonald; Size: 3K; 07-02-1993; Page
Number: 22; Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Lab to Try New Recipe 
Decontamination fails; another attempt readied 
By John McDonald. STAFF WRITER The frying pan method for
decontaminating a laboratory on Plum Island failed to kill test
spores, so another attempt will be made this weekend after ...
Author: John McDonald; Size: 4K; 05-27-1993; Page Number:
06; Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Plum Is The Word In Russian
For more than an hour, Russian germ-warfare experts poked,
probed and prodded officials of the Plum Island Animal Disease
Center yesterday to try to determine if it complies with the
international ban on biological weapons development, but the
chief... Author: John McDonald; Size: 3K; 03-03-1994; Page
Number: 24; Section: Newspapers & Newswires

Danger Is Their Business At Plum Island, government scientists
research three of the deadliest biological threats to livestock

Malathion information sites:

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
ARTISTpres at  (718) 369-2111 

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