Sequencing AT rich template

hsuyc hsuyc99 at
Tue Apr 4 08:28:58 EST 2000

Dear all, 
     I have a trouble PCR template recently.  This template is about 400 bp.  The sequencing data show about 98% of A and T in this template.  The worse thing is there exist a stretch of about 20 Ts following about 20 As.  The slippage is a problem to this template, no matter from farward or reverse.  Both direction show the same result.  Although I can assemble the whole sequence from farward and reverse result.  I can not comfirm the exact number of A and T.  Any one experience this kind of template?  Or, any sequencing kit can resolve this problem.  Thank you very much.

Best Regards, 

Jennifer Hsu
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