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you,<<>> is determined to provide its
readership with the best resources to help them effectively find
work teaching language studies across the
globe.<<>> specializes in helping
Institutes worldwide find language Instructors of all types.
Being an e-recruiting provider, acts as a
conduit between two parties (the Institute and Job Seeker) to
best serve their respective needs.As a registered Job Seeker with, you will enjoy free access to search through
our Job Postings list. In this list, you find an extensive number
of employment opportunities for Linguistic Instructors - of all
languages; complete with contact names and addresses. You may
respond to any of the member-employers¡¯ postings, via e-mail,
with an attached cover letter. Your reply will contain a direct
link to your on-line resume, which the employer will be able to
view. Should you wish to update your stored resume file, you are
free to do so at any time.
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