Request for help

Paulo Fonseca pfonseca at
Fri Apr 7 06:13:21 EST 2000

Dear all,

Since I am new to Bionet Newsgroups I am not sure this his the right
place to post my article.

I am a biologist working in fishing technology - gear selectivity.
Presently, I am trying to prepare a communication on bottom trawl
selectivity for cephalopods. Published results on this subject seem to
be almost non-existent in peered reviewed publications, and also in
"grey literature".

Your help/advise on this subject would be extremely welcome.

Your sincerely,

Paulo Fonseca

PS, If you can direct me for a more suitable discussion group I would
also be thankful

Department of Fishing Technology
Portuguese Institute for Fisheries and Sea Research
Avenida de Brasília
1449-006 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: 351-21-3027163
fax:   351-21-3015948
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