Junk DNA

Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Sat Apr 15 16:38:15 EST 2000

arron wrote:
>If only human have junk DNA, I would not be very surprice......
>Evidently, only humans has the habit of contaminating  its own
>enviroment with its junks!
>(humans and viruses are the only two groups of 'organisms' that
>distroy their own enviroment)

Umm.. No.  The very first example I know of is the destruction
of the earth's previous biosphere by oxygen exhaling
single-celled organisms.

For more recent examples, goats introduced to Pacific islands,
which eat all the food and then become extinct, though you
could still say people are involved in the introduction.

Dutch elm disease is a fungus, not a virus, and it sure caused
a large destruction of its environment.

I'm not an ecologist, and can't give good examples of ...
Actually, I know another one.   Almost nothing grows around
citrius trees (I'm thinking specifically of lime) because the
acidity of the dropped fruit is too much for most other plants.

Plus, viruses have almost no junk DNA.  The two meanings
of "junk" are pretty uncorrelated.

                    dalke at acm.org

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