Anti-Shimadzu Guy Offers 10,000 Japanese Yen if he/she is wrong!

Anonymous remailer Widow at
Tue Apr 18 19:43:45 EST 2000

To all you Shimadzu CRY-BABIES/DEFENDERS:

The Anti-Shimadzu guy is offering real US dollars
if his/her facts are in error, check it out:

He/she has put his/her money where their mouth is.
Other than trying to assail the messenger because
you (and you know who you are) don't like the
apparent facts spewed by this messenger, you decide
to wage a campaign of mis-information.... it's the
same shit the Japanese did during World War II!

What facts does the Anti-Shimadzu guy have in error?
What are the specifics? Or do you just have a problem
with the truth? Are you acting like a playground
bully because you can't exercise final control?

Are there Shimadzu employees hiding behind those
email addresses which attack the Anti-Shimadzu guy?
The Japanese perfected sneaky tactics like this
during World War II.

If you don't have all the facts and you can't
support your position with YOUR money, then keep quiet!

There's an old saying: PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

Until then, I say POWER to the Anti-Shimadzu guy!

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