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Silvano Traverso silvano.traverso at
Wed Apr 19 03:00:11 EST 2000


A new free news service for biologists will start in May 2000. The
service, called 'Ongoing Biology', gives biologists the opportunity of
communicating their theoretical or experimental researches to the
international community. The address is the following:
Send now a brief (15-30 lines) communication in which your latest
(current) research is described. Please include a short title and your
name, institution and email for correspondence about your communication.
Communications should be sent to:
silvano.traverso at

The service is sponsored by Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum, the
international biology journal founded in 1919.

Best regards,

Silvano Traverso
Managing Editor
Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum
silvano.traverso at

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