Shimadzu has been less than forthcoming (to say the least)!

Anonymous remailer Widow at
Wed Apr 19 16:27:38 EST 2000

If Shimadzu cannot take care of that
Anti-Shimadzu Guy, why would you think
that Shimadzu could take care of your
spectroscopy or separation-science problems?

What is Shimadzu's position? Okay, so maybe
they have a disgruntled employee but is
this employee speaking the truth? Shimadzu
has been very mum to say the least!

When a company keeps quiet about overwhelming
evidence suggesting wrong-doing and deceit,
why would you do business with Shimadzu
when there are so many other reputable
companies and vendors to do business with?

Where there is smoke... there's probably a fire!

The Anti-Shimadzu guy has put HIS/HER money on the line...

Will Shimadzu ante up ???

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