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            1. BNY-Phone Blockade-8/2
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Subject: BNY-Phone Blockade-8/2
*Please forward to other animal friendly lists and people*
Wednesday, August 2nd-Phone Blockade! We are asking for EVERYONE to join
us and place a few calls to the Bank of New York's Toll-Free Line. The
line is open 24 hours! 1-888-Link-Bny or 1-888-5465-269. Please Visit for more information about the campaign.
***If you gets this message after August 2nd, Please make a call to The
Bank of New York anyway. The more calls received the more likely they
are to drop HLS!***
Join Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty and In Defense of Animals for a
Phone Blockade against the Bank of New York for acting as broker (ADR)
for Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), one of the worlds largest animal
contract laboratories. During our last phone blockade, an insider told
us that because of the extremely high volume of calls upper management
was contacted! Actions like these have proven to be successful in the
UK-phone blockades against Nat west led to the removal of some of their
tolls numbers and subsequently Nat west withdrew their 24.8 Million
pound loan to HLS! Tell The Bank of New York to follow the lead of
Natwest and WestLB Panmure Ltd, HLS's former European Broker.
About The Bank of New York Connection to Huntingdon Life Sciences-
The Bank of New York controls the ADR's which are American Depository
receipts which are a mechanism for American investors to operate on the
London Stock Exchange, now simply they do not own the shares but are a
nominee company BUT and this is a very important but The Bank of New
York CAN refuse to have the shares held in their name which would send
shock waves throughout HLS shareholders in America it really would OR
they could under certain circumstances just go ahead and sell the shares
and on this I Quote a letter received by SHAC by Jarvis Management who I
believe were in the same position as The Bank of New York in that they
just held the shares and did not have a decision in the purchase of them
but of course they had a say so in holding them in there name, I Quote
".....In fact,we disposed of all the shares we held at the time,
regardless of our clients wishes and the effect on our fees. We now have
a policy of not dealing in this stock under any circumstances....."
For More Information on the campaign:
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
P.O. Box 22310
Philadelphia, Pa 19110
Tel: 856-627-1657
beavoice at
In Defense of Animals
131 Camino Alto, Suite E,
Mill Valley, California 94941.
Tel: 415 388 9641
joe at
*****Help Save 180,000 Animals*****
Call the Bank of New York at 1-888-LINK-BNY and complain about their
association with Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS), the infamous animal
testing/torturing lab. The Line is open 24 hours a day so make a call
NOW! The Bank of New York acts as the corporate broker for HLS-ask them
to sever ties with HLS!
Please Visit:           -for more information on the campaign
against HLS       -for more information about the
campaign against
The Bank of New York

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