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Fri Aug 4 09:38:14 EST 2000

"Brenda Conley" <blc75 at> wrote in message news:8md9b0$3eq$1 at
> What a lot of people fail to mention is that the animals that are used in
> experiments are over 90% rodents.  The same mice we kill in mouse traps.
> Those that are dogs and cats come from pounds...because careless HUMANS do
> not have their animals spayed and neutered, thus causing an overpopulation
> of unwanted pets.  They have to get these pets from somewhere, and they are
> not grabbing them out of backyards.

While I agree with your general idea, I must correct one item.

Medical researchers that uses dogs and cats usually get them from breeders
or they raise their own. It is extremely necessary to control genetic background and
other variables. Pound animals (or yard-snatching) offer no such controls.


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