March of Dimes Funds Useless Animal Torture -->> Give to PETA instead

Dr. James Mon é jmone at
Wed Aug 9 12:48:02 EST 2000

PETA is and should be recognized is a terrorist organization.  Not because
of what PETA does aboveground, but for their financial and logistical
support of groups such as the animal liberation front, which specializes in
lab break-ins, destruction of equipment, and the theft of research animals.
Ingrid Newkirk should always be remembered for her statement that the lives
of animals are equivalent to the lives of people (a pig is a dog is a boy).
While PETA did serve the purpose of bringing scrutiny to animal research,
the organization under Newkirk long ago became so radical that only the most
extreme individuals could continue to support the group.  To say that we
should no longer have companion animals, we should not eat meat, we should
not use animal research to treat or prevent human and animal diseases is so
far out that they would be funny if not for the serious damage they do by
underwriting ALF et al., and the lies and distortions they feed to an
uninformed public.
There can be little question as to the value of animal research for the
treatment and prevention of disease.  One of the major stumbling points to
our fight against HIV and AIDS is that we have no animal models which are
really suitable for studying infection and pathogenesis in a controlled
environment.  Hence the lack of progress in many areas of AIDS research.
I won't even go into the value of vaccinations against the major infectious
disease killers which have been made over the past 50 years, all of which
would never have happened if PETA was taken seriously as a legitimate voice.

A few years ago, I read an article about a PETA fundraiser.  One of the
keynote speakers was Jean Dixon.  Yes, Jean Dixon the astrologer.  Could
there ever be a better statement as to the level of PETA's scientific
discourse when astrologers are raised to the level of learned individuals. 
This choice said more about PETA than most of the idiot wind which blows
from Newkirk's mouth. 

I would in no way support groups like PETA.  Rather, PETA and it's members
should be challenged at every opportunity.  While they don't support the
research, they are all too willing to benefit from the results.  Don't let
PETA pull the synthetic wool over your eyes.

Jay Mone'


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