Have someone you hate?

DAMNYOUSUCK.com promo at damnyousuck.com
Thu Aug 10 09:40:48 EST 2000

What the hell is www.DAMNYOUSUCK.com?

If there is someone or something in your life that has done you wrong or pissed you off, you can come to this site and tell the world how much he/she/it sucks. We will host your page (including pictures) where you can bitch about the retard who screwed you over.

Caught your significant other cheating on you?
Have a professor that screwed you and your GPA?
Have a boss that you can't stand?
Have a co-worker that thinks he's hot shit but he's really just a cold turd?

Don't bottle up all that anger!  Release it on www.DAMNYOUSUCK.com!

*** And best of all, it's 100% FREE!!!! ***

Want to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Do it with an easy to use form so you never have to see their face!  And it's only at www.damnyousuck.com

Be sure to check out the on-line store, yo, where you can get tell everyone how much they suck with a bumper sticker, T-shirt, or hat.


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