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> Contentville is a for-profit organization that is selling doctorate 
> dissertations.
> The authors allegedly get royalties.  How can they sell your copyrighted 
> material without your consent?
> Is your thesis here?  Did you even know?  WTF is going on?


I don't *think* this is a copyright infringment. When I submitted my
thesis (which is on the contentville site), I was required to deposit my
thesis with UMI Disseration Abstracts. UMI is in the business of
reproducing and selling theses *and* they "act as your agent with the
Library of Congress Copyright Office."

AFAIR, I had to allow UMI to distribute my thesis (i.e., they have my
written consent to publish).

It looks like contentville is acting a clearing house for UMI's product
(from the contentville site: "Disseration orders are fulfilled by UMI
Dissertations Publishing..").

As far as royalties go, guess we have to trust the companies...

My 2 electrons,


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