Hammond's Law of Auxology

George Hammond ghammond at mediaone.net
Mon Dec 18 10:25:24 EST 2000

Richard L. Hall wrote:

> In all likelyhood you are too late to get the credit since most folks
> already recognize the difference between genotypic expression and the
> resultant phenotype.  Moreover, your "Law" is more of a "Postulate"
> and it does not consider the following:

GH:  I don't mind you airing your opinions on this thread
     I have initiated, but please try to contain you writ
     of fellous jage over it and refrain from deliberately
     defacing the header.
     Thank you.

> Organisms have a genetically predetermined potential that most fail
> to realize, but is some rare instances exceed (hyperpituitary
> giantism, hyperadrenal virilization, body builders, etiolated plants,
> etc).

GH:  Giganticism (giant vegetables) are the result of
     altered genotype, not environmental advantage.
     Body building is an environmental effect and I
     might add that it takes a lot of Porter House
     beefsteak dinners in addition to exercise to
     achieve it.  Zen Meditation or higher mathematics
     study will do the same thing for the brain.
     Ultimately, bodybuilding does effect brain
     growth, which is the real reason anybody would
     engage in such an activity.  In fact, all career
     vocational choices are negotiated towards a
     pathway of maximum brain growth... since
     minimizing the brain-growth-deficit is the
     direct biological means of nearing oneself to God.

> There are also emergent properties and hybrid vigor where slightly
> different combinations of gene alleles result is spectacular
> phenotypic expression under some circumstances but normal or below
> normal expression under other circumstances (a variation of nurture).
> And to add another red herring, flamingos are only pink when they eat
> the right food.  So what does that do in terms of natural selection?

GH:  All of these arguments are futile against the LAW OF AUXOLOGY
     that I have discovered.  Irregardless of natural, phenomenological,
     or even freak occurrences of unnatural gene expression, there
     remains an overall "Secular Trend" in total growth which will
     remain until the organism, somehow, manages to find a "perfect
     world".  The Secular trend in MAN is well known, highly researched,
     and fabulously documented by WHO, UNICEF, UN, etc. in bazillions
     of costly studies.  The result of all this tells us the following:


     In this graph you see the documented effect of the SECULAR TREND
     on human growth variation.  All this regardless of Midgets,
     Dwarfs, Giants, Geniuses and Musclemen.  I maintain that the
     same curve holds true for ALL ANIMALS and in fact for PLANTS
     as well.  There is a UNIVERSAL asympotic-adult-growth-deficit
     for every living thing on Earth, and it is subject to a
       Now, this is an obvious biological fact.  However, the importance
     of it is perhaps less relevant for Biology than it is for half a
     dozen other fields, including Psychology, Theology, Brain Science,
     Political Science, Sociology, Medicine etc. etc.
       Most notably, according to modern Psychometric results, the
     FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF AUXOLOGY is the scientific foundation stone
     for the (psychological) explanation and proof of "God".
       So... I would advise you to take a more informed look before
     you rush to judgement.  This isn't an amateur proposition
     that was dreamed up yesterday.
George Hammond, M.S. Physics
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