Hammond's Law of Auxology

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> GH:  I don't mind you airing your opinions on this thread
>      I have initiated, but please try to contain you writ
>      of fellous jage over it and refrain from deliberately
>      defacing the header.

It's Usenet.  Deal with it.

>      engage in such an activity.  In fact, all career
>      vocational choices are negotiated towards a
>      pathway of maximum brain growth... since
>      minimizing the brain-growth-deficit is the
>      direct biological means of nearing oneself to God.


<huge snip>

>      In this graph you see the documented effect of the SECULAR TREND
>      on human growth variation.  All this regardless of Midgets,
>      Dwarfs, Giants, Geniuses and Musclemen.  I maintain that the
>      same curve holds true for ALL ANIMALS and in fact for PLANTS
>      as well.  There is a UNIVERSAL asympotic-adult-growth-deficit
>      for every living thing on Earth, and it is subject to a

You are not doing YOURSELF any FAVOURS by over-use of WORDS in CAPITALS.

<shrugs>  It's an AOL thing.

Anyway, to the point.

As I read your hypothesis, sufficient advances in medical care, 
nutrition and education should enable someone at some point to fulfil 
their potential (as specified by their genes) in terms of brain size, 
and at that point they will be God.  Is that what you're saying?

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