RFD - bionet.molbio.genearrays

Rich Cooper richcooper1 at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 18 12:47:36 EST 2000

I also would find the proposed newsgroup very useful.  I agree with
the suggestion that the charter be amended to allow (or encourage)
job postings related to microarrays, lab applications, data analysis,
and other charter-itemized areas.

Rich Cooper

> I also would prefer to see the Gene Arrays group in a newgroup format
> and agree that cross posting or other means of integrating with the
> listserve would be most desirable.
> John Thompson
> Merck Research Laboratories
> zzalforr at fox.uq.net.au (Alistair Forrest) wrote:
> >I agree with the proposal, whole heartedly.
> >
> >The only modifications I would include would be to allow job postings
> >resumes) as this is a highly specialised area. The slight increase in
> >bandwidth would be minimal compared to what we were seeing on the
> >listserv.
> >
> >As discussed with the listserv owner, it would be a shame for the group
> >be set up in competition to the listserv, we need to be united to get the
> >full benefit of discussions, (ie. we need as many listserv members to
> >as possible).
> >
> >cheers,
> > Al Forrest
> >
> >Institute for molecular bioscience,
> >Queensland, AUSTRALIA

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