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Richard P. Grant wrote:

> Eh?

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> >      In this graph you see the documented effect of the SECULAR TREND
> >      on human growth variation.  All this regardless of Midgets,
> >      Dwarfs, Giants, Geniuses and Musclemen.  I maintain that the
> >      same curve holds true for ALL ANIMALS and in fact for PLANTS
> >      as well.  There is a UNIVERSAL asympotic-adult-growth-deficit
> >      for every living thing on Earth, and it is subject to a

> Anyway, to the point.

> As I read your hypothesis, sufficient advances in medical care,
> nutrition and education should enable someone at some point to fulfil
> their potential (as specified by their genes) in terms of brain size,
> and at that point they will be God.  Is that what you're saying?

GH:  YES.  But this is not a trivial undertaking since no
     man can do it individually no matter how rich he is.
     Fact is, it can only happen by raising the Standard of
     Living of the entire world.  (i.e. what you are talking
     about runs into centuries and millenniums of human
       eventually however, it will happen (according to the
     Secular Trend data), and at that point the world will have
     arrived at the Secular Trend, S-curve, "plateau" of
     100% growth.  And YES, every human being at that point will
     be "God in the flesh".  BTW, this is euphemistically
     referred to as "Kingdom Come" in Theology... our religious
     leaders having discovered all this thousands of years before
     science discovered the Secular Trend.

12-17-2000              HAMMOND'S LAW OF AUXOLOGY

            In general plants and animals have a predetermined
          adult genetic size, this is referred to as their
          NATURE.  However, observation leads us to conclude
          that in fact, the population MEAN adult size of any
          species in the natural environment always manifests a
          significant "asymptotic growth curve decrement" showing
          that in effect, no living organism has yet been able to
          achieve it's theoretical genetic size. This NURTURE
          effect is referred to as a "Universal Growth Curve
            In fact, in human beings, the long slow historical
          reduction of this growth deficit is scientifically known
          as the "Secular Trend".  It is posited that there is
          in fact, a Secular Trend for ALL living organisms, and
          probably more rapid the higher the organism.
            Finally, it is advanced that this growth deficit in
          the case of the human brain, directly provides the
          neuropsychological causation of the psychological
          phenomena historically identified as "God".

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