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Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Mon Dec 18 20:43:17 EST 2000

Rich Cooper wrote:
> I also would find the proposed newsgroup very useful.  I agree with
> the suggestion that the charter be amended to allow (or encourage)
> job postings related to microarrays, lab applications, data analysis,
> and other charter-itemized areas.

Fine by me. I'll make these changes in the Call For Votes.

> Rich Cooper
> > I also would prefer to see the Gene Arrays group in a newgroup format
> > and agree that cross posting or other means of integrating with the
> > listserve would be most desirable.
> >
> > John Thompson
> > Merck Research Laboratories
> >
> >
> > zzalforr at fox.uq.net.au (Alistair Forrest) wrote:
> >
> > >I agree with the proposal, whole heartedly.
> > >
> > >The only modifications I would include would be to allow job postings
> (not
> > >resumes) as this is a highly specialised area. The slight increase in
> > >bandwidth would be minimal compared to what we were seeing on the
> > >listserv.
> > >
> > >As discussed with the listserv owner, it would be a shame for the group
> to
> > >be set up in competition to the listserv, we need to be united to get the
> > >full benefit of discussions, (ie. we need as many listserv members to
> join
> > >as possible).
> > >
I agree that it would be ideal to get many or most of the listserv
subscribers to switch to the newsgroup. My recollection was
that only about a quarter to a third of the previous vote 
were in favor of going to USENET, although with the number
of people unsubscribing, presumably in frustration with things
like repeated distribution of the navidad virus, that may change.
Another thing to remember is that the USENET readership is
a separate population, largely non-overlapping with the
GENE-ARRAY listserv. The RFD was therefore aimed at a wider
potential audience, and should in some respects actually be
more inclusive.

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