Hammond's Law of Auxology

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> GH:  YES.  But this is not a trivial undertaking since no
>      man can do it individually no matter how rich he is.
>      Fact is, it can only happen by raising the Standard of
>      Living of the entire world.  (i.e. what you are talking
>      about runs into centuries and millenniums of human
>      endeavour).
>        eventually however, it will happen (according to the
>      Secular Trend data), and at that point the world will have
>      arrived at the Secular Trend, S-curve, "plateau" of
>      100% growth.  And YES, every human being at that point will
>      be "God in the flesh".  BTW, this is euphemistically
>      referred to as "Kingdom Come" in Theology... our religious
>      leaders having discovered all this thousands of years before
>      science discovered the Secular Trend.


>      minimizing the brain-growth-deficit is the
>      direct biological means of nearing oneself to God.

Evidence for this?  Why does 100% growth="god"?


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