<observer> causes the perceived world

Romano AMODEO ramodeo at libero.it
Tue Dec 19 06:29:52 EST 2000

We <observers> (of physics) are the cause of what we see in the world,
dimensioned in <quantities> and <qualities>.

In <quantities> because the numbers of our count are depending on our
personal unit of measurement, used by our mind.
In <qualities> because mind confers <qualities> to the <quantities>, through

We have, in this situation, to look for understanding the unitary
modulation existing in the nature... and we discover that it is the idea of
volume, consisting in 3 cartesian components, which become 4 when Einstein
adds the fourth, of times.

The studies of New Italic School discover that our intelligence has an
entire cycle for the <space-time conception>, founded on 2 "times" (1 in a
direction and 1 in the inverse one, on the same line), and on 2 "spaces" at
the third power.
In this way 2+2^3=10 is all the time +all the spatial volume existing in
those 2 times, an entire cycle of reference, about <space-time> entire
conceptual quality-quantity.

In this situation the decimal mathematics (that corrently we use) becomes
important , having the same
cycle 10 of the space-time. Consequently all the algorithmi of the
mathematics are perceived as Physical Constants.

To read www.new-is.com. (the web site which explains duìiffusely these
matters) is an important matter.
Please, mathematicians, physicists, experts in our brain functioning, in
geometry, in intelligence and information technology... please, read it !
This is an interdisciplinary matter and your competence is needed to really
help Physics!

Thank you !

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