Hammond's Postulate of Auxology

Richard L. Hall rhall at webmail.uvi.edu
Tue Dec 19 08:54:44 EST 2000

Actually I am pointing out that this is no discovery but rather old 
ground revisited.  If you are claiming old ground as your discovery, 
merely undermines your credibility.  Your incorrect analysis of my 
comments further undermines your credibility.  Phrases like "God in 
the flesh"  flurry florid flags of fluttering fancy [apologies to 
Spiro Theodore Agnew.]

Try posting to "alt.sophism.hybid" and write a paperback.  Have fun, 
make money, reach for your potential.


>Richard L. Hall wrote:
>  >
>  > GH:
>  >
>  > I was merely pointing to the conceit of self-promoting an "idea" to
>  > the level of a Law and suggested somewhat obliquely that this was not
>  > new ground or a new idea.  While you may of been thinking of this for
>  > quite some time, this is still old ground for professional
>  > biologists.
>  >
>  > >Richard L. Hall wrote:
>GH:  Thanks for your testimonial of support for the
>      scientific correctness of my discovery.
>George Hammond, M.S. Physics
>Email:    ghammond at mediaone.net
>Website:  http://people.ne.mediaone.net/ghammond/index.html

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