Hammond's Law of Auxology

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Tim Spahlinger wrote:
> Please define "auxology". It seems that the Oxford English
> Dictionary, the most definitive source I know, fails to list
> the word. Also, how does the "Law of Auxology" qualify as a
> "Fundamental" law, in regards to physics or any other
> subject?

GH:  Auxology: science of growth

It is a fundamental Law because no one has ever recognized
that the celebrated "Secular Trend" in human growth is
in fact (theoretically) caused by a "growth curve deficit".
  Secondly, and by the same token, it indicates that
probably all life forms have a Secular Trend for growth
and a growth curve deficit as well, which is theoretically
important, especially for Global Ecology Theory.
  Moreover, the existence of a brain growth deficit is
of basic and fundamental importance in the study of
Psychology certainly, where indubitably it explains
the enigmatic and controversial Flynn Effect in
global IQ measurements.
  Above and beyond that... as Hammond has pointed
out, it indicates a scientific explanation of the
phenomena of God for christ's sake.
George Hammond

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