Hammond's Law of Auxology

Jacqueline Dyer jd6 at soas.ac.uk
Wed Dec 20 07:09:40 EST 2000

Mr Hammond

I doubt you are aware how frequently bio-info is made a forum for one 
person's beliefs that he has found a proof of God. We are frequently taken 
over by Creationists and others and thence ensues the volume of e-mail 
we've all recently been experiencing. Such debates pretty much always end 
up with those of a more 'visionary' nature insulting the biologists who 
normally subscribe to this forum. It is not very interesting to receive 
polemic insults through the mail and as a result, many people stop 
subscribing. I think you've had your say and if anyone's interested, they 
have your website x 100 times. So from now on, please could you reply only 
to those who mail you, rather than the who mail list. You might think that 
by making this request I am exhibiting huge ignorance as to the most 
fascinating and significant scientific theory/proof/whatever the human race 
has ever come up with, but frankly, I don't give a shit. 


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