Hammond's Law of Auxology

George Hammond ghammond at mediaone.net
Wed Dec 20 07:46:02 EST 2000

Jacqueline Dyer wrote:
> Mr Hammond

<snip.. gratuitous diatribe  on religion by an aggravated pedant>

GH:  Look, why don't you stick to the issue, which is
     Hammond's Law of Auxology.  we all know it has ramifications
     for religion... but this is not the proper forum to
     be discussing religion, despite your aggravated eagerness
     to do so.
       We are interested in the BIOLOGICAL TRUTH OR FALSITY
     of Hammond's Law of Auxology and NOTHING ELSE.
       So please stop your Sunday School Teacher rantings
     on religion... believe me nobody wants to listen to it.
       Either stick to the scientific and biological issue
     or get outta here.

The Biology issue is presented at:


Please do not self appoint yourself to start lecturing us about
the "religious ramifications" of this on the Bionet newsgroups.
That is properly discussed in OTHER FORUMS.
thank you.

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