Hammond's Law of Auxology

George Hammond ghammond at mediaone.net
Wed Dec 20 09:21:31 EST 2000

Richard P. Grant wrote:
> In article <3A40AA16.65DDE547 at mediaone.net>, ghammond at mediaone.net
> (George Hammond) wrote:
> >       We are interested in the BIOLOGICAL TRUTH OR FALSITY
> >      of Hammond's Law of Auxology and NOTHING ELSE.
> >        So please stop your Sunday School Teacher rantings
> >      on religion... believe me nobody wants to listen to it.
> >        Either stick to the scientific and biological issue
> >      or get outta here.
> >
> Yet, in Message-ID: <3A3F8E8C.C558981D at mediaone.net>
> we see
> >  Hey... this is not a biology question, it is a Psychology
> >     question.  anyway, the answer is given on my website.
> >     Perhaps you can discuss this on the alt.philosophy
> >     NG, but keep it off the bionet.infor-theory NG.

GH:  You have deliberately avoided the referent, which was
     someone's initiation of a religious discussion, which
     I then referred to as "not a biology question".
     Listen cutsie, this is not a gossip column, either
     post scientific content to the thread or take a hike,
     We're not here to listen to amateur non-scientific discussion.



for the scientific issue of this discussion.

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