Tebio, 1st International Exhibition and Congress on Biotechnology

ANSBA - Associazione Nazionale Sviluppo Biotecnologie Avanzate ansba at ermes.cba.unige.it
Thu Feb 3 04:10:31 EST 2000

Genoa Congress and Exhibition, in cooperation with the Advanced
Biotechnology Centre, organises Tebio, 1st International Exhibition and
Congress on Biotechnology (Genoa, May 24-26 2000). Above all Tebio means
information, a reponse to the main issues affecting the biotechnology field.
The initiative ains to foster a wider debate at general public level by
providing correct information and to provides companies operating in the
sector toward establishing new business, through mechanisms faciliting
technology transfer from the result field.
For forther detailed information please  find
or contact:
Scientific Secretariat: Advanced Biotechnology Center , L.go R. Benzi,
10 -16132 Genoa Italy Tiziana Ruzzon tel+39-010-5737281, Elisabetta Vitiello
tel. +39-010-5737493
Organisation: Genoa Congress and Exhibition Centre, P.le Kennedy, 1 16129
Genoa ItalyGiulio Pontiggia tel.+39-010--5391375
Press Office: National Association for the Development of Advanced
Biotechnologies, c/o Advanced Biotechnology Center, Tel/fax +39-010-5737300
Press Office Genoa Fair Rino Surace tel. +39-010-5931373

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