Polycarbonate Filters for sale...40% discount

Michael Riehl mriehl at morgan.ucs.mun.ca
Tue Feb 15 12:51:33 EST 2000

Hi all!!!

The lab I work with ordered a supply of filters from Osmonics in
January 98 for a once in a lifetime 4 month oceanographic cruise to the
high Arctic.  Due to time constraints, poor weather and lack of man power,
not all of the experiments could be completed. Osmonics stated that the
filters can not be returned to them as they have changed their labelling. 
Therefore we have some leftover filters we would like to sell. 

Below is the list of filters concerned:

all 25 mm in diameter

32 boxes of K50CP02500 (11068)   paid $31.00 US  5.0 microns white
28 boxes of K02CP02500 (11013)   paid $27.00 US  0.2 microns white
6  boxes of K10CP02500 (11054)   paid $31.00 US  1.0 microns white
4  boxes of K04BP02500 (11032)   paid $32.00 US  0.4 microns black
9  boxes of K02BP02500 (11021)   paid $32.00 US  0.2 microns black

Over the past year, the products above have increased in value. For
example, 11068 is now priced at $53 US. We would like to sell the filters
at the price we paid for them, passing on a 40% savings to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to assist us on this
matter, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank-you for your time and
consideration on this important matter to us.

Yours respectively,

Michael Riehl
Project Oceanographer 
Ocean Sciences Centre 
Memorial University 
St. John's, Newfoundland 

709-737-3220 fax 

mriehl at morgan.ucs.mun.ca 

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