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My wife is a "coupon freak" and for many years has managed combinations
of: i) sales, ii) specific stores which have "double coupon" and "triple
coupon" policies, iii) discount systems, and iv) refund options. On some
occassions she has come out of stores with a bag of groceries and more
money than when she went in. She tells me it has been many years since we
paid for rice (I like rice). Most of our butter and margerine has been,
thus, also free. She sometimes buys two sunday papers to get twice as many
coupons that give us discounts many times over what the extra sunday paper
cost. And, with the money we save or "earn" each week, we can
pay for one restaurant meal and gas to the restaurant each week.  

About two months ago, I talked on the NG about needing some bulldozer work
done on the land we are building a retirement home on. The commercial
quote to me for the job was $2,000 and involved less than a days work and 
involved no PhDs. I went out and rented a Komatsu D38P (an 18,000 pound,
medium sized, bulldozer) for a day for $469 (including transportatin
both ways) and did the work myself. 

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On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Fiona Kiosses wrote:

> This always intrigues me, as a can of baked beans is cheaper than a can of
> cat food....
> Arthur Sowers wrote in message <88fmu0$dhi$0 at>...
> >I also heard that cat food in grocery stores has to be FDA inspected
> >because 30% or so of it is consumed by humans (mostly the poor elderly who
> >are on fixed incomes). Anybody got any better scuttlebut on that?
> >
> >Art
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