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At 6:30 PM -0500 2/16/00, lawrence at lmli.freeserve.co.uk wrote:
>I am just starting with mung beans and cotton wool with these hormones in
>solution, in a petri dish.  Would that really work?  The reason I am asking
>this is because all the instructions I had seen, they all included some kind
>of agar block and decapitated or sections of the plant.  I mean, would root
>uptake of these hormones have effects on the mungs?
>lawrence at lmli.freeserve.co.uk


An old standard bioassy was a pea-internode
assay in which internode segments of a certain
developmental age were placed horizontally in
Petri dishes containing several mL of solutions
of auxins or gibberellins. Mung beans would likely
do just as well.  You need to be sure that the
explants are cut when the internode is just
longer than the "cut" length so that it has
maximum growth potential.  Segments of fully
elongated internodes are, not surprisingly,
unresponsive to any PGS treatment.


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