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Randall Oelerich randall at
Tue Feb 22 17:54:22 EST 2000

Olli Niemitalo wrote:

> Why are antibiotics given only one sort at a time? If you gave say two
> different sorts of antibiotics at a time, the probablility for a microbe
> to develop resistence would be in my thoughs be nearly to 2nd power
> -> extremely small!

Some antibiotics work together synergistically, others work against one
another. For example, penicillin interferes with cell wall synthesis,
killing dividing bacteria. Giving penicillin along with an antibiotic that
slows bacterial growth would be counterproductive. If using two drugs
together that are synergistic, the microbe must also NOT be resistant to
them, and if possible treat with one ABx (or none, e.g. if a viral
infection) to lessen mutational resistance to the drug and harmful strains
of the microbe later on for other patients.

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