Can cells "feel"??

BioStress bio-stress at
Wed Feb 23 10:14:01 EST 2000

Out with the embryo developmental biology books again. I raise this
question in regards to revisions being made to our Animal Care policies at
the University of British Columbia. Currently, cell/tissue culture
requires a  Animal Care Certificate--however, this may change if it is
determined that "pain", stress or disstress as it is sometimes termed
cannot be measured at all levels of cell growth etc... 

Im actually looking for resources for ways of determining/measuring stress
(in the broadest form) in cells. If your cell twitches, flinches
etc.. during the addition of chemicals etc.., is this stressful or can I
even go so far as to say "painful" to the cell? 

Could someone define/help me determine when nervous sensation is present
in developing rat/mice cells (any type) for example? At this time, is it
possible to measure the "stress" the cell is exposed too?

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada


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