12th Protein Kinase Symposium - Call for Abstracts

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The 12th Protein Kinase Symposium will take place
           in Bad Brueckenau, Germany
       August 31, 2000 - September 3, 2000.

For detailed information please refer to the symposium WebSite:

Online registration and abstract submission forms are available at
this site.

                       12thProtein Kinase Symposium
                       Dorint Hotel, Bad Br|ckenau
                      August 31- September 3, 2000

           "NO, cGMP, and Protein Kinase Signaling Mechanisms"

  Scientific Committee:   Ulrich Walter, Suzanne Lohmann, Tore Jahnsen,
      Kjetil Taskhn, Stein Ove Dvskeland, Johan Lund, Charles Rubin
       Local Organizing Committee:   Ulrich Walter, Suzanne Lohmann


              Plenary Lecture: Sir Philip Cohen (Dundee)

  Symposia: Soluble and particulate guanylate cyclases, nitric oxide
               D. Garbers (Dallas), D. Koesling (Bochum), 
               G. Schultz (Berlin), S. Dimmeler (Frankfurt), 
               HHHW. Schmidt (Giessen)
               J. Beavo (Seattle), M. Conti (Palo Alto), 
               J. Corbin (Nashville)
            cGMP-dependent protein kinases, substrates, functions
               F. Hofmann (Munich), S. Lohmann (W|rzburg), 
               T. Lincoln (Birmingham), M. Zimmer (Oxford), 
               H. De Jonge (Rotterdam), R. Bindels (Nijmegen), 
               R. Pilz (San Diego), S. Francis (Nashville), 
               U. Walter (W|rzburg), W. Dostmann (Burlington)
            Cyclic nucleotide gated channels (CNGC) and other channels
               U.B. Kaupp (J|lich), M. Biel (Munich), 
               R. Fischmeister (Chatenay-Malabry/Paris)
            Regulation of gene expression and other signaling
               M. Montminy (Boston), S. Ghosh (New Haven), 
               J. Lund (Bergen), J. Bos (Utrecht), 
               S. Doskeland (Bergen)
            Signaling crosstalk, immune function
               T. Mustelin (San Diego), B. Hemmings (Basel), 
               K. Taskhn (Oslo)
            cAMP-dependent protein kinase anchor proteins (AKAPs)
               C. Rubin (New York), S. Taylor (San Diego), 
               P. Collas (Oslo), D. Carr (Portland), 
               J. Scott (Portland), T. Jahnsen (Oslo)
            Poster Session Organization: HHHW Schmidt (Giessen)

   Organization: Ulrich Walter / Suzanne Lohmann
   Institute of Clinical Biochemistry
   & Pathobiochemistry, University of W|rzburg
   Josef Schneider Str. 2, D-97080 W|rzburg, Germany
   info.pksym at klin-biochem.uni-wuerzburg.de
   Registration and abstract submission: 28 April 2000
   Final abstract and payment deadline: 31 May 2000

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