Speaker Nominations Needed - Career Transitions

Arthur Sowers arthures at magpage.com
Thu Feb 24 17:02:49 EST 2000

Well, Dave, if you don't want me, then I have a fairly large set of
references and sources on my websites that say these three career paths
you list below just don't happen very often. You should try for a reform
theme instead.

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On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Dave Jensen wrote:

> I am responsible for the upcoming career seminar at a major scientific
> meeting in San Francisco in June. At this meeting, we will be featuring
> three speakers who will talk about various transitions that they have made.
> If you have any recommendations of contacts that I can make for this, I
> would sure appreciate hearing from you.
> 1) A speaker who is a scientist that has recently moved from Academia to
> Industry. This short talk will identify any common frustrations,
> difficulties, etc, in the process and then the speaker's view of the
> difference between academia and industry work.
> 2) A speaker who has transitioned from bench science into a business
> position, who can discuss this "alternative career" and what it is like
> compared to research.
> 3) A speaker who has transitioned into management of science, as opposed to
> bench research.
> Thank you for considering anyone you know who might be able to give a short
> presentation on one of the topics above at a major scientific meeting with
> excellent networking prospects. The meeting organizers will provide a free
> registration for all speakers and there are expected to be several thousand
> attendees.
> Contact:
> Dave Jensen
> Managing Director, Search Masters International
> (520) 282-3553 Phone, (520) 282-5881 Fax, or email to davej at sedona.net

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