Linux vs UNIX for bioinformatics

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Fri Feb 25 07:03:01 EST 2000

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	Keith Bradnam <keith at> writes:
> Hello,
> Does anybody have any experience of performing intensive bioinformatics
> tasks (e.g. running blast searches, serving databases to the outside
> world) on PCs running linux as oppposed to Suns or DECs?
> We are currently looking to upgrade our Sun servers and are curious
> whether switching to Linux on high-end PCs is a better (and maybe cheaper)
> option for doing bioinformatics.

It's unlikely to be better or much cheaper, especially as you already
have experience and skills and investment tied up on Suns.

There's less difference in hardware costs than one might imagine,
especially if you're prepared to haggle. Sun have more room to cut
deals than Intel suppliers do.

For an existing Sun shop in particular, running Solaris on Intel is
likely to prove much more attractive than changing both hardware and
software platforms, if you do decide to switch to "cheaper" hardware.

-Peter Tribble
HGMP Computing Services

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