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> Greetings:
> I am a retired computer programmer, expanding my knowledge of the world
> outside my former scope, and I have been reading (with great pleasure!)
> all of the books of Richard Dawkins. However, I have trouble (possibly
> due to old age) visualizing the actual structure and mechanisms of
> genes, chromosomes, DNA, etc. Could someone in this newsgroup recommend
> a relatively simplified publication, something on the order of one of
> those Scientific American reprints, with lots of pictures, diagrams,
> sidebars, and so forth, that I could refer to when I am confused about
> what is going on down at the cellular level?
> Regards, Ron Barry.

Although it is a bit out of date now, you might check out Scientific
American, October 1985. The issue was devoted to the "Molecules of Life".
This gives some pretty good introduction to molecular and cellular biology
issues. I don't know if a more recent but similar type of Scientific
American issue has been produced.

Hope this helps.

My 2 electrons,


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