ALIFE VII 2nd CFP: Revised Deadline!

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Sun Jan 9 13:56:58 EST 2000

REVISED paper deadline: *** January 24th, 1999 ***

[Note: First Call for Papers available at]

     *                                                             *
     *     Seventh International Conference on Artificial Life     *
     *             Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA             *
     *                       1-6 August 2000                       *
     *                                                             *
     *                            SECOND                           *
     *                       CALL FOR PAPERS                       * 
     *                                                             *
                          Artificial Life VII
      The Seventh International Conference on the Simulation and
                     Synthesis of Living Systems
             Reed College, Portland Oregon, 1-6 August 2000
                 "Looking Backward, Looking Forward"
     ********  Paper Submission Deadline:  January 24, 2000   ********

                   Information about Paper Submission

   Submissions can be 10 pages or less, and should use the LaTeX document
   formatting system. The ALIFE VII style file is available at 


   and example LaTeX source using this style is available via anonymous
   FTP in the directory 


   PostScript versions of this paper are in


   See the file


   for more information; for instructions on using anonymous FTP to access
   these files, see the original CFP or send e-mail to 'alife7 at'.

   We will accept Word documents, although we strongly urge the use of
   LaTeX; the paper looks better, it is much easier to format correctly,
   and it can be processed much more efficiently.  For a Word style file
   and example document, please contact us at alife7 at

   The submission process itself is documented on the conference Web page,


   Please subscribe to the mailing list if you plan on submitting a paper!


     To subscribe to the mailing list to receive current information about
     Artificial Life VII, send mail to 'majordomo at' containing the
     line 'subscribe alife7-announce'; see


     for more information.  The mailing list is a low-volume list.

(9.1.1999 --titus)

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