4% bodyfat!! with the Ripped-up diet!

Andrew at ripped-up.cedant.com Andrew at ripped-up.cedant.com
Sun Jan 9 20:44:59 EST 2000


What is your goal?

• Loose fat but keep hard-earned muscle?
• Finally see those abs?
• Lean-out and Cut up?
• Achieve that ripped and shredded look?

Check out the only diet that worked for me--and everyone I know 
who's tried it.


To get the body I wanted, I was always willing to try (and did 
try!) all kinds of insane diets all of which sounded good on 
paper. So I can tell you how surprised I was when this simple 
diet actually started working for me. And when other people 
started noticing the changes in my body, I let them on to my 
diet, AND IT WORKED FOR THEM TOO! In fact, I don't know one 
person who has tried this diet for a while and didn't get 
results. And the longer you are on it, the more results you see.


Here's some really great points about this diet:

• Don't have to eat a bunch of special/unusual foods
• Easy to remember without complicated cycles and calculations
• You measure progress in the mirror day by day
• Still leaves you relatively satisfied with plently of energy 
instead of irritable and weak

If you've always wanted the body you see on people in magazines, 
check out the diet that will take you there!

For the complete story on how I found the diet and details on the 
diet, go to:



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