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Thank you for your interest in our World Breakthroughs!

Below is one of the Breakthrough Products or Services you were interested in learning more
about when you opted-in from one of our ads in an E-zine, Newsletter, Newspaper, Magazine, or when you
visited one of our affiliated web-sites:

=====>>Our Breakthrough Products<<=====

*1) Realm Pheromones:

The Only Patented Human pheromone on the market that is an
effective sexual attractant. Realm is so effective because it triggers our newly discovered
Vomero-Nasal Gland which is now our Sixth Sense. These Pheromones even Dramatically enhance
the person's feelings who is wearing it! Realm was recently Featured on the Discovery
Channel and can now be yours in just a few clicks away!


*2) Online Penis Enlargement Manual:

Now you can naturally and safely lengthen and enlarge your penis
Dramatically! Ancient Arab secrets that the Medical Industry and scam artists don't want you to
know about, are now available. These exercises are Guaranteed to be very effective and works
very similar to body building when working out your muscles. It doesn't matter what size you are
now because everyone will benefit equally. Don't waste your money on useless pumps,
dangerous penile weights and expensive non-effective surgery! Come see all the facts for
yourself and you won't believe the minimal cost we are offering it to you for!


*3) The Pulse Wave  Protect-Atron:

Protect you and your loved ones now and more importantly during the rougher times in the near
future. This is the best self defense unit ever created. One blast from this unit which is 10 times
stronger than the best police stun gun can take down any man or beast for up to 30 minutes
and is only the size of a pack of cigarettes. Designed for the F.B.I. to use as a non-lethal
weapon. One can now be yours for a limited time. Currently legal in all states!


=====>>Breakthrough Services<<=====

*1) Global Exposure Express Service For Models & Talent:

We have Designed the ultimate and Exclusive method for promoting Models & Talent on a
Global Scale. We have combined our unique ingenuity with today's High-Tech methods of
Communications and the Internet, to create the most effective plan of exposure an inspiring
Model or Actor has ever seen before! We use Mass E-mail & Fax-Blasting to target mail your
Portfolio to hundreds of the top Modeling & Talent Agents/Agencies. This service is Exclusive
Only to W-B and has never been used before in the Model & Entertainment Industry!


*2) Unified Messaging (Virtual Office Secretary):

This surely is a High-Tech comprehensive one number communications service that handles all
of  you and your businesses phone calls, faxes, cell phone calls, pages and e-mail!. This system
has more than 95 incredible features. It is without a doubt the true leader in Unified Messaging
Technology. Our features are all unbelievably web integrated as well! Now anyone can have the
same powerful advantage that Fortune 500 Companies use and for a minimal $30 a month cost.


*3) Current World-Breakthroughs Charity Raffle:

This present raffle is called W-B Dream Car Charity Raffle 2000 in Benefit for the "Make A Wish
Foundation". Help W-B and MAWF fulfill some more terminally ill children's' last big Wishes. W-B is
then going to give a Dream Car to the winner of an incredible 1 in 2000 chance raffle drawing.
Come visit us below for all the details!


*4) Web Design & Promotion Services:

This is where you can find out how to have W-B Jiffy Web Design Team, put your new or existing
business on the Internet. Our Jiffy service is quick and very inexpensive along with the
professional high quality you are looking for. We also provide secret search engine secrets for
web-sites that we design Only. Search engine submission to over 600 search engines for
generating massive traffic (especially when we design your site as well and insert the secret
search engine techniques). And a lot more....


*5) Merchant Accounts (Accept Credit Cards):

If you have your own business either on the web, retail outlet, or both, everybody knows in today's
fast paced business World you have to accept credit cards. If your just starting out with a new
business, have an existing business, or your just thinking about it, feel free to contact us. We will
ease you through the process with a smooth ride and the lowest cost available in the Industry!


Thanks again for your interest and we invite you to come visit us now to learn more about what interested you
you by clicking on the link below:



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