1999 ACS Readers' Choice Awards

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1999 ACS Readers' Choice Awards

The December issue of Today's Chemist at Work announced the 1999
Readers' Choice Awards for the second consecutive year. Thirty-six
companies (including Shimadzu) were profiled and listed on a ballot
which appeared in the July 1999 issue of the magazine. The
ballot allowed votes to be cast in 5 different categories including:
quality, service, delivery, advanced technology and internet
accessibility. After counting the ballots, industrial chemists named the
following companies who serve them the best:


                          J.T. Baker Chemical Company

                         Waters Corporation (Runner-Up)


                               Mettler-Toledo Inc

                             Varian Inc. (Runner-Up)


                                Hach Company

                           J&W Scientific (Runner-Up)

                             Advanced Technology


                         Dionex Corporation (Runner-Up)

                             Internet Accessibility


                         Bio-Rad Laboratories (Runner-Up)

If you decide to buy from another vendor because of perceived value,
just remember that you will get what you pay for (and maybe not even

Consider the advice of your colleagues including lab techs/managers who
made wise selections/judgements based upon their very own experiences in
the lab with a wide variety of vendor equipment. Obviously, the vendors
highlighted here are doing something right that distinguishes them from
the rest of the pack! Buyer BEWARE.

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Before you buy.

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