Corporate survey for Lab Rats!

Jeff Fairman thelabrat at
Wed Jan 19 11:19:11 EST 2000

We've been diligently working on improving the Rat Race (career) section of
our website, and have added a Rat Ratings section. This is a very quick and
simple survey which allows you to rate your company. The survey only takes a
few seconds, is completely anonymous and gives other people a little more
insight when they are interviewing at your company. Likewise, when it's your
turn to interview somewhere you can return here, and see how they rated.

In addition, we have started to create complete company profiles for all
biotech and pharmaceutical companies. This is the most comprehensive look at
these companies anywhere on the web, at least that we've found. We are
including such things as a brief summary, products released and in
development, contact info (general, human resources, and investor
relations), and we are working on patent positions and a layoff history of
each company.  If you know of any better or would like to contribute please
E-mail us. Check out the new profiles under the Rat Race!

Thanks, team

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