CFP: Computation in Cells

Hamid Bolouri H.Bolouri at
Mon Jan 24 15:33:50 EST 2000

Call for Papers	(submission deadline 14 February 2000)

molecular & cellular networks as computational systems, e.g.:

     robustness in biochemical networks. 
     computational and dynamical motifs in molecular biology. 
     tools and algorithms for unravelling biochemical systems. 
     computational properties of signalling pathways. 
     models of gene regulation and genetic regulatory networks. 
     evolution of biochemical and genetic networks. 
     deterministic computation from stochastic interactions. 
     cell differentiation and pattern formation. 

April 17 & 18th 2000
University of Hertfordshire, UK

A UK Eng. & Phys. Sci. Research Council Emergent Computing

Co-sponsored by: 
the Wellcome Trust, the British Computer Society, & British

Invited speakers (who have confirmed so far, more to come!):

Baltazar Aguda	(Laurentian U, Canada) 
Maria Blair	(Sheffield Hallam, UK) 
Mark Borisuk	(Caltech, USA) 
Dennis Bray	(U. Cambridge, UK) 
Igor Goryanin	(Glaxo-SmithKline, UK) 
Charles Hodgman (Glaxo-SmithKline, UK) 
Maria Samsonova	(Inst. for High Performance Computing, 
Denis Thieffry 	(Free U. of Brussels & U. Gent, Belgium) 
David Willshaw	(U. Edinburgh, UK) 
Tau-Mu Yi	(Caltech, USA) 

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