RESULT: fails 78:7

Jim Davis jjd at
Tue Jan 25 18:36:07 EST 2000

         unmoderated group fails 78:7

There were 78 YES votes and 7 NO votes, for a total of 85 valid votes.  There
were 5 abstains.  There were 13 invalidated ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
Unless serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the group may
not be voted on again for six months.

Newsgroups line:	Information about any human blood diseases.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions about the
proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Robert Tollen <lov2laf at>
Mentor: Richard Miller <rick at>
Votetaker: Jim Davis <jjd at>


Many different diseases affect blood. In the United States alone
approximately 72,000 people have sickle cell anemia with about
2,000,000 carrying the trait. There are 20,000 hemophilia patients
in the U.S. Each year, nearly 27,000 adults and more than 2,000
children in the United States learn that they have leukemia
(statistics are from NIH and Cancernet web sites). There is now
a listserv named MPD-SUPPORT-L which has 800+ recipients and has
a daily traffic of 10 to 40 postings. All postings can be seen at MPD stands
for Myelo Proliferative Disorders, which are diseases of the blood.
The myeloproliferative disorders include polycythemia vera (PV),
chronic myelogenous leukemia, agnogenic myeloid metaplasia, and
essential thrombocythemia (ET). This newsgroup will include these
plus all other diseases of the blood including sickle cell anemia.
The WWW.DEJANEWS.COM HEALTH and FITNESS discussions have been
searched with the keywords of "blood and  diseases" and no
alternate newsgroups were found to exist. Shared information on
treatment of blood diseases is important to participants because
in many instances there is a wide variety of treatments for the
same disease.  The grave seriousness of most questions and
replies significantly outweigh any fluctuation in daily traffic.
Blood diseases are so complicated that a newly diagnosed patient
deserves support and facts, no matter how rare the disease.


Many people have some form of blood disease, either detected or not.
The purpose of this newsgroup is to establish electronic media for
communication between patients, scientists and any other individuals
with interest in diseases of the blood. Such communications will
provide quick and effective means to exchange information and
knowledge, offer encouragement, and solve problems.

The newsgroup will target participants who are
afflicted with any blood disorder. Doctors, researchers, students or
anyone with interest in diseases of the blood will also be welcome.

A FAQ for new users will be posted on a regular basis.

No binary posts will be allowed.

No advertisements will be allowed.



13 ballots were received from
[] between 08:06 and 08:36 on 20 January, claiming to be from
a variety of different addresses and, curiously, all with the real names
typed entirely in lower case. Final Vote Ack -- this is not a mailing list!

Voted Yes
alex.dawson =                                            Alex Dawson
ascott ]/                                           Alan P. Scott
bill_supon (<$|                                             W. Supon
bogie {)~]                                       Boudewijn van Ingen
bouvin &                                         Niels Olof Bouvin
buff )#`                                              William Denton
carlson {,                                James Carlson
ceichler _^>                                      Charles Eichler
chriseb =(_]                                 Chris Ebenezer
cpl1 &=]                                         Corey Liss
david {+,                                              David Farrar
davidsen #                                               bill davidsen
djb }|/]                                         Dan Birchall
doc _+^                                                  Rob Wynne
dougob ^&){                                           Dave O'Brien
edward =]#>                                              Edward Reid
eg414 (~                                      Tina M. Wood
Ekkehard.Uthke ]                                         Ekkehard Uthke
ellis =~)                                                  Rick Ellis
eridani $}                                               Belinda
evert *{[#                                              Evert Meulie
finn `                                                    Robert Finn
fogazzid ^                                        Daniele Fogazzi
fran_keeling -)[+                                  Frances Keeling
fyr+news ]<)~                                 Francois RANCHIN
gardener _                                            Ann Hughes
gheston }                                       Gary L. Heston
h.slama ,                                               Heribert Slama
hfung $# CSUPomona.Edu                                               Hank Fung
ianatasm #$                                           Ian Baird
ianlivesey {                                              ian livesey
IgoneKrazy >(&|                                           Julie Refkin
jcrouch =                                             Jude Crouch
jmcgarry _=>                                         James McGarry
John_David_Galt ]|&#                                   John David Galt
jolomo /                                                 Joe Morris
julesd &]{`                                             Jules Dubois
jwootton `,                                              Jean Wootton
kamlet *((^                                          Arthur Kamlet
kb5cng ($                                           R.L. Bo Thompson
kennedy (                                  Ralph D. Kennedy
kimdv &                                                  Kim DeVaughn
kneecap *>                                              Neal Cappel
kristian.liimatainen ~*}]                        Lauri Liimatainen
lanzyg |=                                          Garrett Lanzy
lov2laf [#                                         Robert Tollen
lrf $/^&                                    Ken Campbell
mcclenon /                                              Bob McClenon
mclaudi ~[~                                     Dave McLaughlin
minhan (=/                                          Tan Min-Han
mph -[                                          Matthew Hunt
mtaylor `(                                                Mark Taylor
nhoffm ~>)=                                        Norbert Hoffmann
olav ,(&                                         Olav Nieuwejaar
qui #_                                                    jui enquien
renate.sch (&                                         Renate Schininger
richw ($/<                                               Rich Wales
rick }*)                                            Richard Miller
rockwallaby ]{#                                       Chris Thompson
rridges _=                                      Rebecca Ridges
rufinus }>=*                                        J Rufinus
sackv -(                                        Victor Sack
salazar _[)                                    Rick Salazar
SESalazar &                                              Susan Salazar
shrao *                                                    Shrisha Rao
smlucas }&_#                                           Steven Lucas
speirs =_$                                speirs at
tajima {+$                                     Yasuo Tajima
tc `/ Mcs.Net                                                      Thomas Cuny
teta ]                                                 Deborah Marr
tgm }                                          Thomas G. McWilliams
trevort -|*|                                       Trevor Tymchuk
uthman ,|                                                Ed Uthman
vote-8 )                                          Tobias Erle
wakelyn -/                                              N. T. Wakelyn
wiz -]>                                                    Mike Craig
WmHBlair ~$|                                         William H. Blair
xanthian <<`                                          Kent Paul Dolan

Voted No
gprrspw /                                             G.P. Ryan
janus +#                                                   Keith Adams
mantell |$                                               Mark Antell
naddy /_                             Christian Weisgerber
squid <[{                                                   Yeoh Yiu
stainles (                                                Dwight Brown
yan __                                              Yves Bellefeuille

chris []                                  Christopher Robin Zimmerman
james ^+<                              James Farrar
mmontcha &                                    Matthew Montchalin
peteralf /$]                                      Peter Alfredsen
philk /<|                                           Philip Knight

Jim Davis        | "Plaaay NICE!!"
jjd at |   -- Bubbles

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