RESULT: fails 78:7

Kent Paul Dolan xanthian at
Wed Jan 26 01:58:28 EST 2000

Sigh.  Lost again for lack of interest.  I'm a participant, mostly
passively, in a mailing list for just _one_ blood originated disease,
mycosis fungoides, a mailing list that  has roughly 400 members, and it
is for one of the rarer cancers on the planet, about 1/400,000 in the
population develop it.

With so many experiencing more prevalent blood related diseases, there
is surely a large community of interest in blood-related diseases out
there, but apparently not so high an interest in the Usenet voting
process, and I don't feel free to be spamming peaceful mailing lists
with Usenet vote solicitations to overcome that.

I guess the Usenet voting process is pretty broken as an estimator of
the utility of a newly proposed newsgroup, but I'm not quite sure how,
nor am I willing to try to fix it; the level of controversy experienced
in such efforts has at long last become unpleasent to me.

My thanks to Alan and Huck, two of my friends wo took the time to vote
in favor, and to the others, strangers to me, who did as well.

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