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A call for papers

New Journal at WILEY-VCH, Berlin
Launch in January 2000

Single Molecules

2000. Volume 1. Four issues per year. 
ISSN 1438-5163 (print version), 1438-5171 (Internet version)
Language of publication: English.
and at

Single Molecules is an international, interdisciplinary journal covering all
aspects of single molecule investigations in Chemistry, Physics and Life
Sciences. Single Molecules will provide researchers with a broad overview of
current methods and techniques, recent applications and shortcomings of present
techniques in the field of single molecules.

Single Molecules will publish full papers, review articles, and rapid
communications - furthermore special sections, e.g. preliminary notes, calendar
of events, book reviews, meeting reports will be included.

All articles will be published in advance at Wiley InterScience
( after acception of the referees. The printed issues
of the journal will appear four times a year.

Authors - Thinking of Contributing a Paper?

The editors invite you to submit high quality papers (full papers, reviews,
rapid communications) on all aspects of single molecules. Your submitted paper
could be complimented with supporting information on the internet. 

Please contact the Editorial Office (e-mail: kog at, fax:
49-3641-656410, mail: Professor K.-O. Greulich, Institut für Molekulare
Biotechnolgie, Beutenbergstr. 11, D-07745 Jena).

Editors and WILEY-VCH look forward to welcoming you as a contributor and as a
reader in the near future. 

W. P. Ambrose (Los Alamos), K.-O. Greulich (Jena), T. Yanagida (Osaka), M. Orrit

Advisory Board (preliminary)
T. Basché (Mainz), D. Bensimon (Paris), C. Bräuchle (Munich), N. Dovici
(Edmonton), W. E. Moerner (Stanford), S. Nie (Bloomington), K. H. Rieder
(Berlin), R. Rigler (Stockholm), H. Schindler (Linz), C. A. M. Seidel
(Göttingen), J. L. Skinner (Madison), S. A. Soper (Baton Rouge), E. H. K.
Stelzer (Heidelberg), J. K. Trautmann (Princeton), C. v. Borcyskowski
(Chemnitz), U. P. Wild (Zurich), J. Wrachtrup (Chemnitz), S. Xie (Cambridge,USA)

Andreas Muth
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Pappelallee 3                                             Germany 
phone: +49-6201-606-224              WWW: 
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