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Jay Denebeim denebeim at
Wed Jan 26 11:36:53 EST 2000

In article <oWwj4.796$dw3.38290 at>,
Kent Paul Dolan <xanthian at> wrote:

>I guess the Usenet voting process is pretty broken as an estimator of
>the utility of a newly proposed newsgroup, but I'm not quite sure how,
>nor am I willing to try to fix it; the level of controversy experienced
>in such efforts has at long last become unpleasent to me.


  The problem is that it's a bitch and a half trying to get a
newsgroup up and running nowadays.  We've found that with the current
crop of users if they're not already on usenet, they're unlikely to
move there.  Sad, but true.

  Unless there's a strong proponant team and a bunch of people willing
to bug their sites to put the group on their server, the group fails.

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