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Jonathan Grobe (grobe+news at wrote:
: In article <oWwj4.796$dw3.38290 at>, Kent Paul Dolan wrote:
: >
: >With so many experiencing more prevalent blood related diseases, there
: >is surely a large community of interest in blood-related diseases out
: >there, but apparently not so high an interest in the Usenet voting
: >process, and I don't feel free to be spamming peaceful mailing lists
: >with Usenet vote solicitations to overcome that.
: >
: >I guess the Usenet voting process is pretty broken as an estimator of
: >the utility of a newly proposed newsgroup, but I'm not quite sure how,
: >nor am I willing to try to fix it; the level of controversy experienced
: >in such efforts has at long last become unpleasent to me.

: I agree.

: I suggest you just create an alt.* group: 

not in this case. This group was not designed to be a support group but a
general medical group about diseases of the blood. Although somew of the
aspects of a support group is there, the thrust (as i read the RFD) was 
for a medical group. 

That being said I think that perhaps a might  be in
order. (There are several specific groups in this hierarchy but not a general

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